Hello, we are Greenfor


Company’s main goal is to provide simple, efficient and economical way of sustainable forest management for both private and public companies in order to improve natural environment and help forests develop in a healthier and more viable way.


Functionalities of the software refer to processing of data. These data are collected and processed in the processes of forest inventory, marking of trees for cutting, preparation of operating plans and through production of annual plans for forest management. The software support work with a centralized data base (e.g. SQL server) for a long-term data archiving. This allows a continuous tracking of conducted work and monitoring of forest conditions for larger areas, up to the state level.

Software packages offered by Greenfor include various tools that support forest management. They are all created in a user-friendly manner, that enables an easy use for all levels of user’s computer skills. The diverse applications of software packages include:

1. National forest inventory

2. Forest stand inventory

3. Marking and calculation of trees for cutting

4. Development of executive forest management project and annual plan for forest activities.

5. Monitoring of forest health condition

6. Tracking and recording of work performed for forest management


According to customer needs, every above-mentioned application can be adapted (customized) at customer’s request. Production of new applications implies the use of Microsoft tools MS Visual studio, as well as data bases of SQL Server and/or MS Access. GIS functionalities are supported by the using source shape files and by the use of geographical data types within MS SQL server.

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Activities that the company also conducts refer to consulting services regarding sustainable forest management, use of forest biomass as well as business services in areas of forestry and wood industry. Many years of experience have equipped Greenfor with knowledge necessary to identify risks and opportunities early in the process, which is one of the main components of an efficient management.


State Forest Directorate, Ministry of agriculture, Belgrade, Serbia

Public enterprise “Srbijasume”, Belgrade, Serbia

Public enterprise Vojvodina sume, Petrovaradin, Serbia

UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH, Freiburg, Germany

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Forestry sector, Montenegro

Forestry directorate, Pljevlja, Montenegro

National Forest Agency in Tajikistan

Communal Forest „Kharagauli“, Georgia

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